Month: June 2015


WHAT’S IN A NAME? Help me select one of the top three suggestions from Facebook followers for my new pen name!

1. FARRAH ANGEL, the softer side of Sherri Winston

FARRAH ANGEL The sweeter, softer side of Sherri Winston

The sweeter, softer side of Sherri Winston









2. CHERRY TANGO, the saucy vixen with a yen for mystery solving.

CHERRY TANGO The fun mysterious author of books and solver of mysteries

The fun mysterious author of books and solver of mysteries










3. BRANDY KOOL, fun loving with a taste for adventure!

BRANDY KOOL She is SherriWinston as you've never seen her before. Look out~

She is SherriWinston as you’ve never seen her before. Look out~












Mama needs a side-hustle, y’all. My children’s book-writing career is progressing very well. And I have no doubt that some day I will do great things. However, I’m raising two teenagers. One of whom graduates next year and the other two years later. When I sat down and tried to come up with a ideas for making extra money, I had to get real. All I know how to do is write. Girl, you don’t want me trying to cook in no restaurant or file any papers. My mind has gone plum goofy in these advanced years. *Insert tongue in cheek*

Seriously, when I looked at my options and accepted that I am a woman with a chronic illness (lupus) and ongoing challenges to get through my regular day, working a side-hustle would take some creativity.

That’s when my sister, Jennifer, turned me on to the Kindle shorts. She’s addicted to the short stories and series that are available through Amazon’s Kindle book program. Authors who write in a variety of genres and mediums. I’ve fallen in love. If you don’t have a lot of time for a whole novel, the Kindle shorts offer you tasty little bites of mystery, drama, romance and more. Perfect for a long commute on public transpo or a well deserved lunch break.

So I got this idea. I always want to be known for writing children’s books. I love them. Adore them. Can’t imagine life without them. But what if I could write short stories for grownups, too? I’ve created this awesome character. A young woman who lives in Detroit, graduated from law school, left the country to volunteer in African because she couldn’t face actually working at a law firm; got engaged to a doctor in Africa who happened to be a native Detroiter as well. And on her wedding day, minutes before time to walk down the aisle, she makes a terrible discovery. Want to know what happens?

Well, baby, I can’t just give it away. But I will ask for your help. To make this work, I need a nom de plume. A pen name that will separate my humor/romance/mystery from my children’s book persona. Help an inspired single mom move into a new chapter. I WANT TO SELL KINDLE BOOKS. I want to be an e-book queen. A star! Oh, sorry. I was having a moment. Tell me which of the above names do you think would work best. Hugs!



  Florida’s regional chapter of the Society of Book Writers and Illustrators conference held recently in Orlando was AWESOME! For all my aspiring authors and illustrators out there, this week’s posts are dedicated to dreaming, inspiring, perfecting and believing. In fact, you don’t have to be an artist or author to benefit. Inspiration is contagious. The wonderful lessons taught by…


Being an author is a lot like being a Madhatter–so many bloody hats to wear. So sorry. A bit of the Brit in me has bubbled to the top like creme. I’ve been watching Midsomer Murders, a BBC hit on Netflix, and all of a sudden I have a deep longing for tea and scones. I got cut off in…


  Thanks to several of you good-looking folks, the campaign that I began officially last week is off to a great start. I’ve raised $130 of my $7,000 goal and I am tremendously excited. For those of you who want to know where the $7,000 figure comes from, allow me to break it down: With taxes included, each book…

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