Thanks to several of you good-looking folks, the gofundme.com/sherri-winston campaign that I began officially last week is off to a great start. I’ve raised $130 of my $7,000 goal and I am tremendously excited.

For those of you who want to know where the $7,000 figure comes from, allow me to break it down:

With taxes included, each book costs $19.62. My goal is to giveaway books to an entire sixth-grade class at two or more schools in Detroit. The goal is 300 books. That comes to $5886. With my author discount of 30 percent, that total comes to $4,000.

In addition to visiting at least two schools and doing full-length, educational presentations, I am planning a book release party at the African American Museum in Detroit. The reason for the party is to show kids that books are worth celebrating. Because the main character of the book, Brianna Justice, is an 11-year-old entrepreneur with her own cupcake making business, I would like to have cupcakes and other treats at the book release party. The celebration would be open to the public and would allow visitors to purchase more books as well as provide the kids with lots of free goodies, such as more book giveaways, book marks, gift bags filled with candy, balloons and more.

To rent the space at the African American Museum will cost approximately $1,200. To purchase refreshments, cupcakes, gift bags and other giveaway items, $1,000.

Another component of my plan to get to Detroit is actually getting to Detroit. I will need a hotel room for at least three nights and airfare. Add $800 for travel and accommodations.

Now let’s add that up:


Books              $4,000

Museum         $1,200

Treats             $1,000

Travel             $   800


Total               $7,000

CBW2L4BWQAAqZBeNow that you know how it works, please share this plan with your friends. If I can get 300 people—the same number as the amount of books I’d like to give away—to donate $10 each, that would almost put me at the halfway mark. Thank you all for taking this journey with me. There is no amount too small—although, I don’t think the gofund.me site is set up to take change. So if you shake the piggy banks, you’ve gotta take it to the actual bank. I love you. Let’s get these kids some books!


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