Beautiful downtown Detroit as seen from Belle Isle Park.

Beautiful downtown Detroit as seen from Belle Isle Park.



Hey, friends. So much to tell you. For the past week, I’ve been in Michigan planning the November release of my new book, President of the Whole Sixth Grade. As you know, I’ve been fundraising at to buy at least 300 books but as many as 500 and donate them to school children in Detroit. During my week in the Big City, I met with bookstore owners, community members, as well as members of public schools. I have made real progress. Now it’s time to kick the fundraising aspect up a notch.

First, let me thank everyone who has donated thus far: Susie, Laura, Courtney, Ed, Cathy, John, Rochelle, Rod, Regina, Audra, Tammy, Candy, Gail, Jean and Jodi. Your support means so very much. Now, after visiting Detroit and laying the ground work for the big day, it’s time to raise mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.

It’s time for all my friends, family and anyone who believes in diversity in books to Gimmee Five. All I’m asking for is $5 from you and $5 each from four of your friends or family members. With a $5 donation, plus the $5 donation of four people you know, you can pay for the cost of a new hardcover book ($17.99) + pay for treats and refreshments for the children. C’mon bargain hunters, you can’t beat a deal like that!


It only takes a few seconds of your time and $5 from your wallet to truly make a difference in child’s life. What could be easier? And for those who’d rather send checks or money orders directly  rather than use the site, contact me via Facebook, Twitter or email ( and I’ll tell you what you need to make it work. Thanks so much for caring enough to help turn a child’s potential first author visit into a celebration. I promise to make this a day these kids won’t soon forget. Thank you so much!

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